We’ve been around long enough to know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to client relationships and so The Engaged Culture Company are proud to work in an agile and nimble way.

We pull together the best blend of talent from the worlds of engagement, culture, surveys and management development to deliver for our clients.

We have a dedicated network of people who all share the same philosophy of making work a better place.

We work hard, treat our clients as human beings and try to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Our Thrive model

Our values

We’re proud to have the following as key principles we aspire to in everything we do:

Trust: Our client partnerships are underpinned by trusting relationships

Honesty: We are independent and will tell you the truth

Respect: We respect diversity in people, approaches and thinking

Insight: We bring learning and understanding to everything we do

Vitality: We help keep an energetic buzz to our work, and try to have fun along the way

Engagement: We and our clients are one team and we practice what we preach