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October 29, 2017 Sam Dawson 0 Comment

Hi, welcome to my first blog and thanks for stopping by. As the founder of newly formed The Engaged Culture Company I’d like to share with you my story so far and my vision for the future. So, grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in. Firstly, a little bit about me –  with a background in organisational psychology and after twenty years of working in the engagement and culture space for multinational research houses and consultancies, I decided it was time to make a direct impact to people and their organisations.

Not that I wasn’t in some way doing that previously – I thoroughly enjoyed (mostly) my twenty years spent at big corporates. Working for those companies meant I led some of the largest employee engagement and survey programs globally which in turn launched me into the boardroom of many well known organisations. My experience took me all round the world, including a few years in Australia where I developed a successful employee research and consulting practice.

However, the irony is that in becoming senior in a large consulting organisation often means that for someone like me the day to day can start to be more about internal process and less about what really matters: clients and their people. And I wasn’t having any of that! I was keen to ‘get out there’ and make a real difference. I wanted to start with a big aspiration and to see what followed. In short, I set out to launch a company that would help to: ‘Make work a better place’

Like you, I knew that much of improving an employee’s experience at work is linked to employee engagement. Plus, I think we all understand that happier people mean happier customers and better business results.

But what do most organisations do about trying to improve engagement? They fall into the trap of measuring levels of engagement infrequently, trying to action plan (often not very well) and then reverting back to even more measurement.

Just imagine, a couple in a relationship, where one of the partners announces they have a great idea to help communication. They suggest restricting talking to each other to just once a year and then on the basis of that, agreeing to do two or three things to strengthen the relationship. Sound nuts? Yes! But it’s the way that many organisations continue to interact with their employees in the name of ‘engagement’.

Naturally, I got to thinking that there’s got to be a better way. I knew the answer didn’t lay solely in smarter employee engagement measurement. All of my experience tells me that the culture a manager creates will define an employee’s experience. Where managers have the skills to manage well and where they develop and perpetuate levels of natural employee enthusiasm, an engaged culture emerges.

To the here and now, I am really excited that I am now in the position to help organisations develop that engaged culture for themselves.

To do that The Engaged Culture Company can help in three ways:

  1. Spark: Design and establish a practical people listening and engaged culture strategy
  2. Grow: Developing manager capability to make a real difference
  3. Pulse: Measuring employee engagement, the culture and the employees experience at work

My ambition is to get those three things tuned just right for companies and to help engagement run naturally through the veins of every organization I work with.

As a founder of a startup, how am I going to stay grounded and focused in all of that? Well, I have twin 10 year old daughters, a wife (from a Human Resources background, so all ideas get run past her of course) and a fluffy white dog (not from a Human Resources background but she does like humans, mostly). They will keep me busy and on the right side of sane outside the launch and running of The Engaged Culture Company. A thank you to them in advance!

So, thanks for reading this first blog. I’ll be posting regular updates here as to progress and wider thoughts from the world of engagement, culture and people. It would be great to have you along for the ride. If what I’ve had to say sounds exciting, and you want to shoot the breeze on engaged culture over a coffee just drop me a line. Let’s start talking and together, you guessed it, we can make work a better place.

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