Measure engagement and culture to track progress and understand what really matters

The brave new world of employee listening tools and technology opens up a wealth of insight into employee opinion, engagement and culture. Used in the right way this will help you empower managers to have great conversations, give your executive team critical information to inform strategic decision making and ultimately drive business success.

At first glance, the outputs from many employee surveys can look overwhelming. Often there is so much data that organisations need a little help in understanding what is really important and delivering those insights in the best way possible to different internal stakeholders.

That is where we will help:


  • Develop the story and key messages from your employee survey
  • Workshop the data with your internal survey team to develop and agree themes and action points


  • Train managers in how to interpret data and action plan
  • Collect best practice stories from great managers to enable others to make a difference


  • Present survey data in an engaging and actionable way to your key internal stakeholders, from the CEO, to local line managers and your employees

Pulse survey

  • Sometimes organisations want to run a simple, fast survey to establish a baseline for engagement, or to track improvement actions.

We will help here and will:

  • Run quick and easy engagement and culture pulse surveys to understand progress.
  • For organisations that want to run a fuller engagement and culture survey we use the proven CREATE methodology, where we –
    Customise questions to your needs,
    Run all aspects of the survey process,
    Explore the data through Insightful and impactful reporting
    Appreciate the insights through top team presentations
    Talk managers through the process of best delivering results and actions
    Evolve the process through regular feedback and learning