Develop the right employee listening and engagement strategy

Develop the right strategy

All great things need a solid foundation. We know that a well rounded and executed engagement and culture strategy is a key element of success for any organisation, and we are here to help.

Draw on our experience of developing strategies for a wide range of organisations globally. We will help you develop an approach that best fits both the way your company works and your organisational ambitions.

The types of approaches we use depend on individual client needs. However, we often find that our one day engagement and culture strategy workshop is a great start.

Measure the right things

The relationship between an organisation, managers and it’s people runs on the same basic principles of any other relationship. One of those fundamentals is about creating a deep level of understanding by asking the right questions at the right time.

We will help design a survey questionnaire that gets right to the heart of engagement and culture in your organisation. It will feel like a conversation with your people, won’t be too corporate, and if we’ve done our job right, might even feel a little bit fun too.

We will:

  • Design the right employee question items for you
  • Align the employee conversation with your organisational strategy
  • Design the right question indices to fully inform your management teams
  • Be action oriented in all our design, helping you make change where it matters most

Engage the right partner

The world of employee engagement survey technology and approaches is moving fast. We will help you understand the rapidly changing employee survey market, and deliver an independent view of your choices for a full engagement survey in line with your strategy.

Looking for a global survey with the latest technology? Want to pulse survey employees in an agile way? Want to know how artificial intelligence can help? Have a creeping sense that other organisations are using new and innovative technology and approaches and you are still running a yearly global employee survey? We can help!

We help our clients engage and embed the right technology company or survey provider and we offer:

  • Procurement workshop: Help you define your needs and fully understand your options of survey partners in the market
  • Full pitch day support: From set up of the day to a leading industry insider there to ask the difficult questions of your potential providers to set you up for success