Things that need fixing in the world of employee engagement #1

November 15, 2017 Sam Dawson 0 Comment

Let’s be honest with ourselves, in our industry we’re all doing our best every day to improve workplace culture and employee engagement. There are, however, some things that need to be aired about where, with the best of intentions, organisations could be doing things a little differently. I’ll be highlighting some of these over the next few weeks in a series of bite-sized posts. So, onto the first (it’s about robots).

The point of singularity

From my scant knowledge of science fiction, the point of singularity is the one at which robots develop super-human artificial intelligence, become sentient and take over the world. Or something like that. While we aren’t quite yet at the point of being dominated by a race of AI augmented cyborgs, there is still definitely a race on in our world of employee engagement and culture.

That race is all about new technology, with the prize for the survey provider that will provide the fastest, shortest and most insightful dashboard of employee opinion. All that is very worthy, and there are some rising stars in this space, such as Glint and CultureAmp, to name just two.

However, there is a problem with throwing advanced technology at a problem which is fundamentally about human relationships. It’s a little like upgrading your phone in the hope that you will then have more meaningful conversations with your friends. You may have a new toy in your pocket but it isn’t going to get you invited to more parties.

So, new technology, whether it’s a robot or a new survey platform, needs human intervention and guidance to help it make most impact. Whether you have ambitions to take over the world or to develop meaningful dialogue and insights with your workforce, you need to do three things first. You need a strategy, a plan and the leadership capability to handle the outcome of the results.

Then you can play with your shiny new robot :0)

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